It‘s high time for good and sustainable business.


Corporate Responsibility (CR) starts with your desire to make a difference. Together, we will concentrate on a detailed analysis of the entire company or individual departments/areas.  This process also provides the opportunity for me to examine the starting points for an orientation towards more ecological as well as social sustainability. 

An integral perspective and the development of a strategy towards corporate responsibility which includes all areas of the company are indispensable for this process.  


This includes extensive project management. To be more specific, this can take the following forms:

  •  Conception of a corporate strategy with a focus on sustainable development (CR)
  •  Development of a time table/schedule/agenda for this project in order to implement the above mentioned strategy
  •  Developement and implementation of training and projects requiring the participation of the employees


As an expert, I can support you in this process and the operative steps which will need to be taken as follows:


  • Process analysis, incl. an analysis of the materials consumed
  • Conception and investigation of your carbon footprint
  • Analysis & optimization of energy management (electricity, gas etc.)
  • Development of long-term relations to social facilities (Corporate Giving) 
  • Working out programmes for employees (Corporate Volunteering)
  • Support during the process of certification (ISO, EMAS, etc.)


Maybe you are already aware of your weak spots as a company and need a partner to help you with the conduction of projects in this particular area. Together, we can work out all further details:


  • Schedule for the project including milestones and responsibilities
  • Support in the implementation and performance review

CR counselling and coaching is applicable to all fields of business - please don‘t hesitate to contact me to receive your individual offer