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I wrote my diploma thesis in the area of marketing for BP Solar. Subsequently, I worked for this company as a marketing coordinator for 1,5 years. The working environment was multinational. After a trip around the world I re-entered the working force. As the project manager of the areas of Environment & Marketing I was responsible for the maintenance and further development of these particular areas in the parental printery, Heinevetter & Co. GmbH. for 3 years.



After graduating from high school, I began to study in a degree course in economy at the Nordakademie in cooperation with BP. Halfway through the degree, due to my personal interests I realized that for me there remained much more to learn and to understand. My Master‘s degree ,Environment & Education‘ at the University of Rostock a couple of years later seemed tailor-made to quench my thirst for knowledge in the areas of environment and sustainability.   



The connection between education and environmental as well as sustainability issues are my passion. From my point of view, this especially manifests itself in the job of counselling and coaching NGOs, NPOs and companies in a way that enables them to move towards a sustainable development; to optimize sustainability, to substantiate it and to make it more transparent. As education is one of the major influences with regards to awareness raising and also a driving force for change it essentially affects our future - to invest work there, at this specific point is what motivates me because there is a lot of work to do!



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