Towards a sustainable development through education.


Sustainable development and education - a connection of two complex and highly significant topics when thinking about the future. 


As an expert for environmental and sustainability matters in connection with education, personal experience from various projects has shown me that all of us can make a difference when it comes to assuring the sustainability of our future - economically, ecologically and socially. 


On the one hand markets are rapidly developing and requirements are constantly increasing. On the other hand, the education of society can be regarded as a stepping stone when it comes to issues as complex as the sustainable development of climate and environmental protection but also justice in the context of globalization.


I would be more than happy to support you as a consultant and coach in the areas of sustainability as well as Corporate Responsibility, both with a focus on education. More than anything, I would be delighted to support you in any project with a focus on Education for Sustainable Development - with expert knowledge and enthusiasm!